Information in English

Welcome to Krabbans Auktioner!

We help costumers to sell their pinball, arcade and coin operated machines, some times even odd stuff
that will fit in your epic game-room or club.

Our base of operation is in Malmö, sweden. That is why it is in Swedish. We accept buyers from other countries,
but you have to translate our user agreement and obey our rules. If not you will not be accepted or even blocked
from using our service.

Rules, short version (You have to read “Våra villkor” for all information.

To place a bid you have to register an account.
Only persons over the age of 18 are allowed to register, and and only with their real name and information.
All bids made are final, you are not able to regret och remove a bid. So please, if there is any questions
or uncertainties please contact us first to see if we could help.

Winning auction must be picked up and paid for in 7 days, if you are not able to fulfill these requirement we will
add fees. If you need item transported, contact us to make arrangements.
If you use your own shipping arrangement, we can offer to place it on a pallet. The cost for pallet and material
is around 50$

If you win an auction you also have to pay 10% fee on the winning bid.

We do not offer any warranty on sold items. Items are used and sold as is.
It is your responsibility to inspect item at our showroom in Malmö before placing a bid .

All questions and special agreements shall be asked and agreed upon before auction ends.
for contact, email: